Paris TX Results and Photos

Paris Texas was our third stop in three weeks and the host city and Chamber of Commerce went all out to make this a stand out event!  We had riders of all skill levels and ages battling it out on the Velosolutions built Pump Track!

This track was super unique in that it was symmetrical however one side had some good elevation and the jump patterns were not the same on both sides.  After choosing the direction for racing on Friday when we were doing practice for the Red Bull UCI Pump Track World Championships qualifier the event was set!  Local riders helped to determine the direction and everyone had an equal shot to put in their fastest time.

This weeks giveaway from Hyper Bicycles went to the local Boys and Girls Club!  They were able to provide the club with five brand new bikes that will be used at the Velosolutions Pump Track for many fun days!

Huge thank you to all who came out to experience the USAPTC and to our host Paris Texas and the Lamar County Chamber of Commerce.  Thank you as well to our sponsors who make this event possible; The Walton Family Foundation, Hyper Bicycles, SEVEN and Velosolutions.

The full list of results and times can be found if you CLICK HERE

Click on the images below for a full gallery from Pais Texis




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