Version 2021

About the event

The USA Pump Track Championships (USAPTC) is accessible to all residents of the United States of America. Local heroes and first time racers have the chance to battle it out on a Velosolutions built pump track for the best lap time.

General rules

  • Licenses
    Riders entry fee will include a $5 day membership for USA Cycling which also provides insurance.
  • Riders are allowed to participate in as many race locations as they choose. Each event will be scored individually as a single event. The final in Springdale, AR will be a single day event on day one followed by the National Championships in Category 5.  Final date TBD
  • Riders are free to choose their preferred MTB or BMX bike. A minimum wheel size of 16” inches is required and the bike must not have an engine.
  • Registration for all qualifiers must be made through the official event website in order to secure a space in the event. Limited on site sign ups will be available but riders are strongly encourages to sign up on line.  Pre registration opens weeks prior to event date and is the only way to secure a guaranteed spot in the case of a sell out.
  • Riders under 17 years of age must be accompanied by a legal guardian who can sign on behalf of participant.
  • An entry is 100% finalized after the organizer has received the entry fee. Registration on site is possible, as long as the event is not fully booked. Riders have to show their ID during the check-in process on site to be able to participate. An ID is required as a deposit for the transponder. No ID = no ride.  For minors a guardian ID will be left as a deposit for the transponder.  Once the transponder is returned ID will be returned.
  • If an athlete is younger then 18 years old, his parents/guardian have to sign the, “waiver for minors“ which is available on site. No waiver = no ride.


Race categories

There are seven different race categories in which men and women will be scored separately.  Race age will be age on the day of event.

  • Category 1 = 5-7 years
  • Category 2 = 8-10 years
  • Category 3 = 11-12 years
  • Category 4 = 13-14
  • Category 5 = 15-16
  • Category 6 = Masters 35+ Open
  • Category 7 = 17+ Open

Maximum number of entries
50 riders maximum per category both male and female (this number may be reduced at the promoters discretion in the interest of time limitations). It is important to pre register in order to secure a spot in the event.

Race Schedule / Timing

Each competition consists of a short warm up / practice session, a jam format timed event and a Super Final.

Practice session

Free practice can take place during public open hours and on race day in the scheduled time only.  The day before will host the Red Bull Pump Track World Championship so any practice time is not guaranteed.  The duration of the practice session depends on the local race schedule. Information about the program can be found on the race Events pages on the events page which will be updated as we get closer to the date.

Please note: all riders have to register and sign the disclaimer before going on the track for free practice on the day of the event. Without number plate on the the bike, the rider is not allowed to practice on the day of event.

Jam formatted timed runs

  • Timed runs will begin in a run order based on the number plate assigned. Riders will line up from lowest to highest number.  Riders will be released on intervals so that there is space between but there will be multiple riders on the track at the same time.  Riders will have the chance to take multiple runs during a 45 minute session and the fastest time will count as their final time.  Once the clock has stopped no further riders will be allowed to start the course.
  • The number plate assignment is determined according to the order in which riders check-in on site.
  • The women’s category will run at the same time as the men.
  • Each rider shall get at least 1 timed run. Starting in all timed runs is mandatory.
  • If a rider runs off track, he can get back on the track and try to finish the race as long as he doesn’t get an advantage by leaving the track. Short cuts lead to disqualification of that timed run.
  • The race director has the final call on rider disqualification.


Super Finals

  • The fastest five times in each category for men and women will be invited to compete in the Super Final.
  • Riders will start one at a time in an effort to make the fastest lap time.
  • Riders start order will be determined from the Jam Formatted timed runs and riders will drop in from slowest to fastest.
  • Trophies will be awarded to the top three finishing times in each Category.



  • Start and Finish lines will be clearly marked on each track. In order to improve traffic flow laps may not use every section of track.
  • Timing will be conducted using transponder chips that will need to be attached properly on the bike. Promoter is not responsible for failed transponder chips not reading times.
  • A television monitor will be provided so that live timing is visible. Attempts will also be made to make live timing available online which can be viewed on smart devices on site.  Connect-ability at each venue may or may not make this possible.


Qualified riders and results

  • The top finishing rider of each event in Category 5 will automatically qualify to participate in the final Championship at Springdale, AR.
  • All expenses such as but not limited to transportation, food, beverage, travel companion, etc. will be the responsibility of the rider, not promoter.
  • All results and qualified riders will be published on and on all social media channels.


Rider Obligations

Riders insurance

To participate in any USAPTC events, all athletes need to read, fill in and sign the participant disclaimer. Riders are obliged to have their own medical insurance.

Riders behavior

Riders shall act as professional athletes and not bring the organizers or any of their partners into disrepute. The riders shall respect the organizers / race directors and follow their instructions at any time ­during the event.

Riders safety

  • Riders will bring all equipment needed in a fully operational condition.
  • Riders are not allowed to use pedals where shoes are attached to the pedal, flat pedals only.
  • The bike should have at least 1 rear brake.
  • No bikes with any kind of automatic transmission, pedal assist motors or engines.
  • No protruding parts on the bike, which can injure other riders (such as pegs).
  • Helmet
    For all events: open face mandatory, full face strongly recommended.
  • T-shirt is mandatory, long sleeve with pads is recommended.
  • Long pant or knee protection is recommended.
  • Shoes mandatory, no flip flops or open shoes.
  • Gloves recommended.


COVID-19 Precautions

  • Anyone feeling symptoms such as but not limited to Fever or chills, Cough, Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, Fatigue, Muscle or body aches, Headache, New loss of taste or smell, Sore throat, Congestion or runny nose, Nausea or vomiting, Diarrhea is asked not to attend the event as a spectator or a participant.
  • Please remain 6’ apart at all times. When not able please wear a face covering and follow all recommended guidelines of the CDC.



USA Pump Track Championships LLC

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